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Sweeto Fizzy Blue Raspberry Filled Pencils (1kg)

Sweeto Fizzy Blue Raspberry Filled Pencils (1kg)

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Electrify Your Senses with Sweeto Fizzy Blue Raspberry Pencils (1kg)

Step into the tangy, fizzy world of Sweeto Fizzy Blue Raspberry Pencils. Each 1kg bag is a treasure trove of electrifying flavour, guaranteed to awaken your senses.

A Fizzy Blue Raspberry Extravaganza

The Fizzy Blue Raspberry Pencils from Sweeto take your taste buds on a wild ride. A delightful fusion of sweet, tangy blue raspberry and the exhilarating fizz, these pencils are sure to be your new favourite.

Discover Sweeto: Sweet Sensations in Every Bite

Let Sweeto guide you on a journey of delicious discovery. With a diverse selection of sweets that tantalise and satisfy, Sweeto stands at the forefront of confectionery innovation. Uncover the full Sweeto range at SoSweetShop UK.

Ready for Sharing, Perfect for Indulging

With 1kg of Sweeto Fizzy Blue Raspberry Pencils, there's enough to share—or to keep all to yourself! Perfect for parties, movie nights, or just for a spontaneous treat, these fizzy pencils are ready to bring the zing to any occasion.

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