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Sweeto Fizzy Heart Mix (1kg)

Sweeto Fizzy Heart Mix (1kg)

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Ignite the Passion with Sweeto Fizzy Heart Mix

Delight your senses with a unique combination of sweetness and tang with our Sweeto Fizzy Heart Mix. These heart-shaped sweets from our pick'n'mix range are a testament to our love for delivering unforgettable flavours.

Experience the Sweeto Magic

At SoSweetShop, we take pride in offering a myriad of taste experiences. The Sweeto Fizzy Heart Mix, with its unique heart-shaped design and distinctive fizzy sensation, is a shining example of our dedication to exceptional quality and taste.

Savour the Sweet and Tangy Blend

Each bite of the Sweeto Fizzy Heart Mix reveals a delightful balance of sweet and sour. Encased in a crunchy sugar coating, these hearts are packed with a tangy punch that creates a tantalising taste journey for your palate.

Perfect for Every Celebration

Be it a romantic evening, a birthday party, or a casual movie night, the Sweeto Fizzy Heart Mix makes every event special. For those who adore these fizzy delights, we offer them in a generous 1kg tub - the perfect size for sharing or savouring solo!

Get Your Sweeto Fizzy Heart Mix Today!

Take your love for sweets to the next level with the Sweeto Fizzy Heart Mix. Order today and explore more of our Sweeto Collection for a variety of fizzy, sweet, and unforgettable delights.

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